Our funky Animals

Cowichan Valley Hostel operates like a little padding zoo. All the animals are free range and handle with care. We raise pigs, emus, rabbits and chickens, they are for sale different time over the years. Come and stay at the hostel and spend some times to play and laugh with them, also a good chance to learn how to care and handle animals if you’re interested.


Our piggies bleed are Kune Kune x Potbelly or Kune Kune x Ossabow Island. They are very tame, gentle and humorous. Great as a pet pig if there’s a backyard for them to run and sun bath, or as a easy to manage meat pig for small farm, Average size is 150-200lbs, depends on amount of food fed and exercise.


Our emus are hand raised so they are very calm and people friendly. Emus are great guard animals, they’ve been protecting other critters on site (chicken, ducks, rabbits) from raven and eagle, and probably scared the racoon and dear away. Emu meat are low in fat and cholesterol, very rich in flavour. They are very self sustainable low maintenance farm animals if you like something unusual.


We raised Barred Rock x Americana x Red Ranger chicken, and some Silkie for hatching. They are hybrid dual purpose chicken (as a layer and meat bird), easy to handle, grow fast and good egg layer (one every two days)


All our rabbits are self bleed and we house train them when they’re older. They’re raised as pet / meat rabbit.

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