Duncan is 15mins drive from Cowichan Valley Hostel, which featured lots of restaurants and shops, and the infamous self guided Totem Poles Tour.

Trans Canada Trail

Trans Canada Trail is accessible from the Cowichan Valley Hostel, around 15-20mins you’ll be connected one of the longest bike riding network in the world. Ride close to the river with access to beautiful Lake Cowichan, Kinsol Trestle and lots of camping and rest stop in between.

Cowichan River

Cowichan River is less than 10mins drive from Cowichan Valley Hostel. With access to Marble Canyon, Mile 66 Trestle and great swimming and fishing spot Skutz Falls. There’re lots of walking trail along the river too.

Lake Cowichan

15mins drive or 2 hrs bike ride will take you to a cute town built along beautiful Lake Cowichan. Water sport, sun bathing, or a picnic, sunbathing along the lake will be a great way to enjoy your time at Cowichan Valley.